Challenge Accepted: AFP Photo-a-Day

It is well known that TWG is competitive, not just in our industry but as individuals. We like to think it comes with the territory of what we do. Just to give you a peek into our corporate culture, we had an office-wide “dialing for dollars” competition last week to help one of our clients hit its fundraising goal.

Virginia and Olivia battling it out on the phones!

Lunch at our favorite local Chinese restaurant was on the line so, as you can imagine, each of us was “in it to win it.”

The past two TWG office retreats have also included a team-based scavenger hunt in D.C. and an intense Iron Chef competition.

Cheers to our Iron Chef Competitio!

We can’t help but love good, friendly competition!

So when the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) came out with its “March Photo-a-Day Challenge,” we were all over it.

Cuteness is key to success.

Some themes of the day include: #13 – Favorite Event, #24 – Give Back and TWG fundraising favorite #31 – In Your Suitcase.

As AFP expresses, “… the ever-growing outreach of Instagram, including 90 million monthly active users, and the inspiration through the capture of a simple picture, it’s safe to say this is a social media venture you want to be a part of.”

Some of the largest and most inspiring nonprofits are on Instagram, and it’s a great way to visually connect with the global community to raise awareness for a cause.

Screenshot of Charity: Water’s Instagram Page

TWG couldn’t agree more, so here we are on March 1 ready to engage, inspire and maybe even win! Be sure to follow along @TheWebsterGroup or on Instagram!

Click here for more information on AFP’s March Photo-a-Day Challenge.