Club 66 at Wolftrap: The Making of 2012 ROCKtoberFête

Ginger, an Associate Director at TWG has worked with a long and extensive list of high profile clients, to include (but not limited to): Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Holcim Foundation, the Mentor Foundation USA and USAgainstAlzheimer’s.

When she’s not busy fundraising and producing some of D.C.’s premier events with TWG, Ginger spends (what little) spare time she has supporting the arts!

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Ginger serves as the the fundraising, events & marketing chair for Club 66, a group aiming to “bring together young professionals, to further their involvement in and knowledge of the performing arts while supporting the overall mission of Wolf Trap Foundation.”

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As not to give away some of Ginger’s most trademarked event planning secrets, in her own words, she simplified her steps to event success for this year’s ROCKtoberFête on Saturday, October 27th.

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Step #1:

“Find a venue, ideally one with great character, beauty, and capacity; and secure a caterer, hopefully one with unmatched skill, taste, and creativity. Okay, this one was easy! The Barns at Wolf Trap is the perfect venue for a fall gathering, and Wolf Trap Foundation’s excellent catering team is again ready and willing.”

Step #2:

“Engage young leaders to support the event! This is my favorite part of the process and easier than it sounds. Friend-raising, as it is called, is sharing your passion, explaining to friends and colleagues why you believe in and support Wolf Trap’s mission. At this point, we’ve engaged a Host Committee of nearly 20 young professionals who are also spreading the word.”

Step #3:

“Recruit sponsors. Here’s the question: which companies in the area could benefit from exposure to 250 active, young professionals? The answer: a list too long to print. I am proud that we have already met our fundraising goal…but friends, we ain’t stopping there! If you or your company is interested in supporting Wolf Trap Foundation Education Programs while gaining access to this target market, please contact”

Step # 4:

“Finalize the many event details, including:

  • signing the popular modern rock band Honor By August;
  • confirm the DJ to ensure some seriously good dance music;
  • organize the round-trip shuttle to/from Clarendon Metro (available for a small fee);
  • transform The Barns into a Wild West saloon for courageous cowfolks, ruthless outlaws, and all those in between; and book the photo booth so all the fun is recorded for posterity’s sake!”

Popular modern rock band “Honor By August”

The final, and for some, most important…

Step #5:

“Figure out what to wear! The suggested attire is Halloween chic, so you can arrive in costume as Buffalo Bill, Calamity Jane, or Roy Rogers, don your most fabulous cocktail ensemble, or land somewhere in between. Personally, I am not sure how to top my beehive wig from last year (radius roughly 18″ – no joke, see the picture to the right). However, with a Texas cowboy for a husband, I know where to find a good hat, a set of spurs, and some mean boots. Annie Oakley, here I come!”

To learn more about Club 66’s 2012 ROCKtoberFête or purchase tickets please visit thet website

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Thanks for the tips Ginger, and best of luck with your event from all of us here at TWG. In the spirit of Halloween, we hope you knock’em dead! 🙂