Design to Connect: DC EXCOMM 2015

Maga Design Inc. hosted the first annual DC EXCOMM: Design to Connect Executive Communications and Visualization Conference at the CEB Waterview Conference Center, a modern, high-tech meeting space in Rosslyn. The Webster Group partnered with Maga Design to execute an effective, inspiring event.

The purpose of the event was to show decision makers and executives from different industries how to use visuals in the form of graphics, doodles, drawings and message maps to help confront challenges and devise solutions, regardless of artistic ability.

The conference began with two main presenters, Dan Roam, author of The Back of the Napkin and Vincent Covello founder and director of the Center for Risk Communication. Both gave engaging, interactive presentations about the importance of creativity and efficiency within any decision-making or business model. Roam focused on the doodles that made history such as his drawings of trickle-down economics. Covello then discussed the importance of brief, simple messages in a time of crisis as attention spans only last for three main concepts, 27 words, or a mere nine seconds. This outstanding fact led Covello to discuss the importance of message maps to easily convey information, ideas or directives in a time of high risk.

After these two presentations and lunch, the attendees then were able to show off their own skills and what they had learned in the breakout sessions. The sessions proved the theory that communications, visualization and design are tasks for a select few is indeed false. It showed that any person can use the tools of creativity to tackle any challenge. One of the key messages was to jump in, try and focus less on creating a masterpiece.

Not only did the sessions and speakers promote creativity – the venue did as well. Held on the top floor of the conference space, attendees were met with stunning views of the Potomac River and Washington, DC. The meeting spaces offered an open and bright feel, which provided a welcoming and energetic environment.

All in attendance took away a new perspective on visually sharing and capturing information. The first DC EXCOMM was a huge success. TWG is proud to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Maga Design and produce the first of what will surely be many more successful DC EXCOMMs.