Event Resolutions for the New Year!

It’s a new year, an opportunity to reflect on the past and improve the future. Instead of limiting your resolutions to only lifestyle changes, why not resolve to improve your special events too? Just one modification could ultimately impact your “event” life!

Consider one of these special event resolutions:

Resolve to tell a story. There’s a reason why you’re hosting an event, so tell it … through marketing materials and social media conversations before the event; interactive demonstrations and thoughtful presentations at the event; and sincere follow up activities after the event. Done properly, the emotional connection derived from your story will leave attendees wanting more … to do more, to give more, to buy more … to have more impressive results!

For example, TWG had the honor of producing the 2013 Medal of Honor Society Convention in Gettysburg, an ideal backdrop where 63 Medals of Honor were bestowed 150 years ago, after the Battle of Gettysburg, as well as Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. From the Opening Reception and Town Hall Forum to a Concert on the battlefield and Patriot Award Dinner, stories of courage and bravery from past and present were told, which made for a successful 2013 event that created momentum for 2014!

The Congressional Medal of Honor Society Convention – Gettysburg 2013A Concert Celebrating America’s Heroes: Past – Present – Future

Resolve to give back. More than a popular trend, incorporating a charitable element in your event strengthens its success. Attendees support organizations and companies that help others. Your creative challenge is to find a meaningful way to give back and encourage your attendees to do the same.

Resolve to engage attendees. Guests have two options at events – attend or participate. The latter is always preferred as engaged attendees gain more from their interactions, which validates their investment of time and money, and the event host will ultimately gain a loyal supporter.

For example, TWG annually produces the Lab School of Washington Awards Gala, which honors outstanding achievers with learning differences. The event experience was enhanced in 2013 with the use of brightly colored tanagram puzzles, which were incorporated into printed materials and program remarks, as well floral arrangements, which gave guests much to talk about.

The Lab School of Washington Awards Gala featured tanagram puzzle decor details.

Resolve to work smarter, not harder. Strategic events are complex by nature; however, you can set yourself up for success with one initial task – develop SMART goals and objectives. They will be your guiding light in making all decisions and the basis for achieving results.

Resolve to change at least one element. Especially good guidance for annual events, make at least one change – venue, emcee, menu, entertainment or theme – to keep the program fresh and exciting!

For example, TWG produces the annual Polo Benefit and Lunch hosted by the National Sporting Library & Museum. For last year’s 3rd annual event, we introduced one new concept – tailgating. The response was positive and we anticipate more tailgating guests in September.

Tailgaters watched the match at the 2013 Polo Benefit and Lunch hosted by the National Sporting Library & Museum.

Which resolution will you make? Please leave a comment below to let us know!