Expectations vs. Reality: Event Planners

With the help of the media, especially reality TV and the onslaught of movies glamorizing the event planning world, it’s easy to skew the real reality of what our job entails as event professionals.

With that, we bring you TWG’s very own “What I Do” meme. Here we not only address the false misrepresentations of event planners, but give you a glimpse into the exciting world of TWG.

“What my friends think I do.”

Event planning does not necessarily equal party planning. In fact, there are MANY different types of events that TWG plans: meetings, conferences, salon dinners and the list goes on and on. More often than not we are the ones not seen in this picture; we’re behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly. The best planner is one you didn’t notice was there.

“What my mom thinks I do.”

True story: Several of our mother’s still think we plan birthday parties. Birthday parties, sweet sixteens, bar/bat mitzvahs are not a TWG specialty (although whoever created this kid’s save-the-date is awesome). At TWG, we not only specialize in high-profile special events such as galas, conferences and launches, but we have a range of services in fundraising, marketing and government initiatives.

“What potential clients think I do.”

Between developing innovative strategies, cost effective solutions and delivering value-added services, we would like to think of ourselves as superheroes of a sort. Even when thrown a curve-ball we’re quick on our feet and proactive. It’s important to learn from experiences, strive for the very best, and deliver superb services to our clients.

“What the world thinks I do.”

Somewhere between the advent of reality TV and the popularization of movie characters as event planners, the event profession and industry became glamorized or even “sexy.”

However, we’re here to tell you that the real gritty event production is far from what you see on TV. Our Chairman and CEO once had to shine up some pumpkin centerpieces with mayonnaise five minutes before doors opened for a prestigious gala. Being flexible and resourceful goes a long way in this industry, even when you do come prepared with a supply box.

“What I think I do.”

Lupus NYC 2013

2013 Black Tie & Boots Sponsor Dinner Registration

It’s far too easy for event professionals to look back on an event and reflect only on the 3-4 hours of that one particular event. At TWG we try to remember and emphasize all the planning, time, energy and resources that went into that very short time frame, six months prior to the event.

“What I ACTUALLY do.”

As natural planners, the TWG staff typically goes into the office on any given day with a game plan and a set schedule for what the day is going to look like. Unfortunately, in our industry, all it takes is one phone call, one email or even a text message from a client in need to turn the day on its head. Before you know it, what you thought was your “to-do” list goes out the window. This is where flexibility, organization and resourcefulness comes in for us. Without these, we’d never be able to put out these “fires” and keep our clients coming back.

Plus, who doesn’t love a little curve ball every once and awhile?