How to Leverage Attendee Data to Create Better Events

As the meetings and event industry continues to embrace time-saving technology such as check-in software and online ticketing systems, it’s easy to get lost in the amount of data each program provides. Here are three ways you can leverage this information to not only create better events but enhance the attendee experience pre, during, and post event:

Check-In Data

Leverage information from check-in tools to monitor the volume of event attendees and when they arrive. Reviewing this information can provide estimates on staffing needs in real-time and can be used to set benchmarks for similar sized events.

Personalized Event Follow-Up

Don’t just send a mass email to all attendees with the general thank you email template, this is an opportunity to distinguish yourself from the competition and to continue to provide value. Segment attendee lists by sponsors, non sponsor attendees, no-shows, etc. and craft unique emails to each segment. Bonus points if you use this email to ask for feedback on the event.

Consolidate Social Media

Depending on the type of event many times your attendees will be sharing their experience on social media. Use free tools such as Storify to consolidate all the social interactions surrounding your event so you can share with attendees later on. You can also use this information to reach out and follow up with attendees post event. You can also use hashtag stats and Hootsuite reports in order to better understand which social media sources to focus on at your next event.

You can even automate using this data through free services like Zapier. For example, you can set up a “Zap” to send a welcome email when a guest registers for an event or a feedback email 48 hours after a guest was checked-in.

This post was originally published on Social Tables Blog.