Milestone Celebrations are a Big Deal!

What do First Lady Michelle Obama, Macintosh computers and former U. S. President George H. W. Bush have in common? They recently celebrated big milestones! Mrs. Obama celebrated 50 years of life; Macintosh computers celebrated 30 years of revolutionizing technology; and Bush 41 celebrated 25 years since his Presidential Inauguration. While The Webster Group was neither invited to the White House nor the Apple festivities, we were honored to produce the 25th Inaugural Celebration of President George H. W. Bush on Thursday, January 23 at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC. Below are the highlights, as well as inspiring ideas for planning your own extraordinary celebration.

Guests at the 25th Inaugural Celebration of President George H. W. Bush admired one of the photos of the inauguration.

Guests were greeted to the Inaugural Celebration with a souvenir photo taken on the red carpet; the backdrop was an image from the 1989 Inauguration. Inside the venue, which was enhanced with red, white and blue decorations, guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres inspired by the Bush White House. A short program featured videos, humorous jokes and treasured photos. A special segment was a presentation by President Bush’s grandson, Sam LeBlond. He shared his firsthand experience at the Inauguration; he was 5 years old!

Guests caught up on old times at the 25th Inaugural Celebration of President George H. W. Bush.

Through the use of modern technology, President Bush was participated in the live event. He tweeted, using his relatively new twitter handle; it was broadcast onto a live twitter wall where guests could send and view tweets of the evening!

The special tweet President George H.W. Bush sent guests of the event was displayed on the Twitter wall, which continuously displayed tweets throughout the event.

As guests departed, they received personalized chocolate bars with the 25th anniversary logo, a souvenir of a sweet celebration!

President Bush’s grandchildren, Sam LeBlond and Ellie LeBlond, showed off their sweet souvenirs as they exited the event.

Do you have a milestone occasion coming up? We offer a few ideas to help you celebrate your business or organization:

  • Website. Go retro and change your website to reflect the founding date! Include original logos, taglines and product photos as well as a timeline of your progress.
  • Newspaper. Spread the word and share the good news! Send a press release to your favorite media contacts.
  • TV and Radio Interview. Milestones are a journey of progress! Tell your story on TV or radio. Inspire someone else to follow your lead.
  • Online and Print Advertisements. If a picture is worth a thousand words, invest your marketing dollars in an ad! Remember, even celebrations need a Call to Action.
  • Organize a Service Day. Engage your employees and give back. Align your business with an organization that needs your time and talent to fulfill its mission.
  • Host an Event. We would be remiss if we didn’t encourage an event … after all, special occasions demand special events! Create an experience that everyone will remember!

However you celebrate, leverage these extraordinary occasions to bring people together, reflect on the past and toast success. The excitement of the celebration will bode well for a positive future!