National Sporting Library & Museum Celebrates Sir Alfred Munnings

On April 21, 2013, over 400 guests gathered on a beautiful spring day at The National Sporting Library & Museum (NSLM) in Middleburg, VA to celebrate the life and works of British artist Sir Alfred Munnings. The NSLM undertook this major exhibition, Munnings: Out in the Open, featuring 68 original works of art gathered from private collectors and institutions, and created awareness by also hosting a movie premier of “Summer in February,” a British film being screened for the first time in the United States about a period in Munnings’ life, based on a book by the same name.

The buzz around this extraordinary event began in January. In conjunction with the National Sporting Library & Museum, The Webster Group hit the ground running by creating the sponsorship and marketing materials, then researching and sending out sponsorship letters, and forming a Ladies Committee. With the guidance of NSLM Vice Chairman Jacqueline B. Mars, NSLM and The Webster Group formed a committee of over 20 members. Our diligent staff members also coordinated with these committee members and sponsors to ensure that they were receiving their proper benefits such as program advertisement and table seating assignment.

The Middleburg community was in such a stir as this amazing event approached, that Webster Group staff ultimately fielded an extraordinary amount of calls and emails from people wanting to learn more information and buy tickets, and was such a hot ticket that it was a sold out event.

The Webster Group collected all of the RSVPs for the evening, and on that gorgeous spring afternoon in April, flawlessly greeted and checked-in guests as they arrived, which included British Ambassador Sir Peter John Westmacott, Jacqueline B. Mars, Robert Duvall, Summer in February author Jonathan Smith, and “Summer in February” movie producers Janette Day, Pippa Cross, and Jeremy Cowdrey.

Janette Day (producer), Melanie Mathewes (NSLM Executive Director), Jonathan Smith (author),Pippa Cross (producer), Jeremy Cowdrey (producer)

Ultimately, with the help of the National Sporting Library & Museum, The Webster Group went well over our set revenue goal, marking another successful event for the company.