The Benefits of Tweeting about Events

Are you tweeting about your events? If not, you’re missing out on a great opportunity! Twitter boasts over 41 million monthly active users worldwide and it’s free to use. Still not convinced? Consider these important benefits of tweeting about your event on Twitter… using a common hashtag:

Increase Awareness

Tweeting about your event and encouraging attendees to tweet about your event will generate more excitement and interest in attending your event

Achieve Goals

Leverage increased awareness to achieve your goals beyond the event.

Ex. At The Lab School of Washington’s Gala last year, the event hashtag #labschoolgala was used in 20 tweets. Through those 20 tweets, awareness of the event spread beyond the 800 attendees, to over 16,000 twitter followers; increasing the amount of potential contributors to the fundraising goal by thousands.

The 20 tweets that used #labschoolgala reached an audience of at least 16,000 Twitter followers. Photo and tweet courtesy of Twitter.

Encourage Interaction

Give your guests something to talk about! Post your online tweets on a live tweet wall, a trendy activity for engaging guests at the event. Mix in some more fun by making a contest out of it.

Ex. AT&T often uses a tweeting machine at its events. Their machine has a balloon at the top. Each time a tweet is generated using the event hashtag air is pumped into it. To further encourage participation, AT&T awards a prize to the individual who sends the tweet that pops the balloon!

Attendees of the N.C.A.A. Lacrosse Championships in May 2013 gathered to watch AT&T ‘s “Twitter balloon” gradually inflate as people tweeted using the company’s event hashtag. Photo courtesy of Team Epic.

Showcase Your Event

Spread the word about your good work by sharing it on Twitter and other social media. Go beyond descriptive text to build your portfolio by sharing photos on Instagram and/or videos on Vine. Highlight your favorite event elements to help potential guests/clients visualize the event.

What are some other benefits to sharing about events on Twitter that we didn’t mention? Share your thoughts in the comments below!