The Webster Group’s Marathon Week

The Webster Group is proud to have successfully produced 13 events in one week. With adrenaline running high, the office bustling with activity and the TWG staff working in overdrive, we managed to do it all. To help put our week into perspective, The Webster Group:

  • Managed transportation for 3 events for approximately 350 passengers consisting of 20 cars and 10 buses for 15 separate stops
  • Coordinated seating for more than 1,500 distinguished guests over 142 separate tables
  • Registered a total of approximately 1,897 guests
  • Created 1,075 name badges and 260 place cards
  • Coordinated décor for over 200 tables
  • Secured and managed amazing entertainment and VIPs including……..(stay tuned!)
  • Between the entire TWG staff, we sent and received approximately 12,000 emails over the course of the week (still waiting to confirm with IT on this one)

And we aren’t done yet. The TWG staff is gearing up for one more event this week. So continue to check back as we highlight what we have accomplished with our exceptional clients.

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@TheWebsterGroup) for live updates during our events.