USAgainstAlzheimer’s is Making Headlines

Since December 2011, The Webster Group has been privileged to assist George and Trish Vradenburg in their crusade to end Alzheimer’s disease by planning fundraisers, friend-raisers and inaugural events for their organization, USAgainstAlzheimer’s. Be sure to pick up this month’s issue of the Washingtonian magazine (you can’t miss it on newsstands – there is a giant pizza pie on the cover!) or click here to read a featured article about the Vradenburgs’ fight to end Alzheimer’s disease by 2025.

George and Trish Vradenburg

The article recounts the story of how this D.C.-based power couple first met (at a Peter, Paul and Mary concert), the tragic passing of Trish’s mother, George’s near-death experience at age 58 and, most notably, the couple’s resolution to save millions of lives and prevent an impending national fiscal crisis by ending Alzheimer’s within the next 13 years. USAgainstAlzheimer’s fresh approach to fundraising and awareness-building is almost as innovative as the scientific research the organization is promoting. After all, USAgainstAlzheimer’s made headlines last month for disrupting Washington’s gala-laden spring event season by throwing a first-of-its-kind “No-Gala Gala” at the home of a USAgainstAlzheimer’s supporter.

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