Welcome to The Webster Group Blog!

Welcome! My name is Lynda Webster, and I am an event planning, fundraising, animal-loving, fly fishing, tennis playing, proud Washingtonian. Originally a child of the Midwest, I’ve lived all over the US and Europe, but have called D.C. home for more than thirty years.

Upon graduation from Stephens College, SMU and the Thunderbird School of International Management, I moved to D.C. to pursue my dream of becoming an undercover agent for the CIA. After months of testing, the final step was the Agency’s tough security clearance. I survived the lie detector but later flunked the health exam…what a disappointment!

But, as the saying goes, “When a door closes, a window opens”

After my rejection from the CIA (I promise I’ve forgiven them), I began my Plan B career in luxury hotel management. For nearly fifteen years I worked for the finest hotels and learned a great deal from dedicated industry professionals who taught me about food, décor, guest services, protocol, marketing, public relations and true hospitality –not to mention how to handle the occasional inflated ego that one encounters in the high-end hotel business!

And then, my “once-in-a-million-years moment” happened … I married then CIA Director William (Bill) Webster!! Yes, it’s true. I could not have made that up. Isn’t life full of surprises!

My husband and I vacationing.

Not long after my wedding day, I learned that a hotel career was no longer a good fit for my insanely busy life as “the director’s wife.” Hotels never close and Bill and I attended up to three or more events per day. As you can imagine, the demands on my time became impossible to manage.

The day I decided to retire from the hotel business was the day a woman called my office, screaming profusely that she did not like the contents of her fruit basket…

Come on, give me a break!

TWG Director, Kim and Me at the USCG Commissioning of Stratton in California.

That same day, Anna Perez, the chief of staff for First Lady Barbara Bush, shared a script from Barbara’s speech at a college graduation in which she told those assembled, “I have met many important successful (business) people, yet, I do not recall any one of them saying at the end of their lives, ‘Gee, I wish I’d spent more time in the office.’”

I handed in my resignation that same day and never looked back.

Part of my TWG Team, what would I do without them?

I took time to travel with my husband and attend some extraordinary official and non-official events (stay tuned, you’ll hear about those later). I also took time to pursue the volunteer work I always dreamed of doing and even chaired a number of the city’s big gala events.

I gleaned a tremendous amount from these varied opportunities. I now infuse whatever wisdom these experiences have given me into my work at The Webster Group, an event planning and fundraising firm I started in 1995 in my basement with one employee (me) and a basset hound named Babs….the staff later grew to include a rescued golden retriever, Cinder.

Seventeen years later, with two offices, 23 employees (and counting), 25+ clients and one new adorable company mascot (Mosby), The Webster Group (TWG) is a full-service, bona fide, GSA-approved, event planning and fundraising firm.

Mosby, sleeping on the job.

I’m proud to say that since my days in the basement, The Webster Group has worked on many of the country’s most exciting projects, many of which I will recount right here on the blog. Looking forward, my staff and I will share our successes, memories, photos, tips and lessons learned, as TWG dives into event season.

We cordially invite you to enjoy the ride as we take you behind the scenes of many exclusive and exciting events in Washington, D.C. and beyond. Be sure to RSVP by “Following” our blog!